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Fat Cat Fishing Charters
Fat Cat Fishing Charters
Fishing on the Fat Cat.
Fishing on the Fat Cat.
Fishing off the Fat Cat in St.Pete Florida  .
Tarpon Fishing Charters Tampa Bay
Tarpon Fishing Charters Tampa Bay
Go on Exciting Fishing Trips in St Petersburg, FL
Go on Exciting Fishing Trips in St Petersburg, FL

Safe Deep Sea Fishing in St. Petersburg

Boat & Equipment

Charter Fishing Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater Florida
and with our  24 Ft Hanson and a 115 HP 4 Stoke  you can count on a problem free day and safe return! Fishing Charters St Petersburg, Fl requires certain items for your safety and the Fat Cat 3 has them all. 
Our boats are prepared for any grouper fishing experience.

 Class two Global Fix Pro EPERB on Board and please be sure to ask any captain you pick do you have a eperb on board and is it up to date. A eperb is a satellite device that if it gets wet or is set off manually the coast guard will be at your location within minutes.

This item is a must have law for all charter captains if you are fishing 3 miles or more off the Florida coast line or beaches.

2011 24 FT Hanson Boat center console, Color Fish Finders, Color Gps , VHF Radio,,, 40 Gal Live Well, Fighting Chair, Cell Phone, Two Spare Batteries and all new rigging., Camera to see fish 50 ft down, No oil burning smoke to smell.

From May through November near shore tarpon trips can be the most exciting and unbelievable experience that I have to offer. Tarpon off of the Clearwater Florida  Gulf Coast are as big as any in the world excluding Africa.  Tarpon fishing out of Clearwater Florida is something we enjoy every summer as they migrate down the Clearwater Florida Coast. The tarpon are fierce, acrobatic fighters that have staggering power and endurance. Blacktip, spinner, and bull sharks are thick in the tarpon waters out of  Clearwater Florida surrounding areas and it is not uncommon to catch them over 100 pounds. All of the sharks put up fabulous fights with even aerial jumps from the spinner sharks. Kingfish are also a common by catch while we are tarpon fishing, many times they hit the lures that we are casting to the tarpon!


Sea all kind of birds while fishing on the Fat Cat.
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Shark fishing in Tampa Fl.
  Charter Fishing Tampa Bay | Clearwater | Florida