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Catching Drum on Fat Cat Fishing Charters
Catching Drum on Fat Cat Fishing Charters
Anglers videos of 9 foot Nurse Shark released alive. Aug 2009  Caught By 9 year old angler Ryker.
Blake with a nice Gag Grouper
Matt with a largeMatt with a large TARPON on the line.
St.Pete Fl Tarpon Fishing Charters
St.Pete Fl Tarpon Fishing Charters on Fat Cat.
While on a Florida fishing vacation, why not experience St.Pete Tarpon charter fishing with Florida Tarpon fishing guide Capt Jay Masters.

Watch Anglers-Videos catching Tarpon, Sharks and more while on a St.Petersburg beach Fl fishing charters and charter fishing St.Pete Beach Fl with Fat Cat fishing charters.
Most anglers was on a Florida fishing vacation and fished with USCG licensed guide Capt Jay Masters and son Capt Brad Masters. See successful anglers enjoying there St.Petersburg beach fl fishing charters on this video page.
We would love to add you and your kids video of the exciting action you or they had while charter fishing St.Pete beach Fl with Fat Cat Fishing Charters. Notice the young kids in some of these anglers-videos and the look on there faces. Fat Cat Fishing charters caters to kids and we make sure they have a successful and exciting experience while spending quality time with mom, dad or both parents.
Single MOTHERS take your kid fishing! Feel safe and secure with Capt Jay! Married, no drugs, Non drinker, goes to church and makes the fishing trip a learning experience for your children. No rough weather or rides for kids we rebook if bad weather. This anglers videos page is up dated every week so please check back with us to see more exciting catches.   
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16 year old Matt with a 125 + pound TARPON that JUMPS 6ft out of the water at two minutes on this anglers video page.
Ed with his second Tarpon of the day while on his Florida vacation! Great job Ed!  OCT 2ND 2009
40 pound Black Drum School 2009
Goliath Grouper Two Rods One Leader
Tarpon, Mackerel,and Jacks Tarpon videos on a St.Pete Fl fishing charter.
8 year old Tristian shows off his St.Pete fl fishing charter groupers catch with fat cat fishing charters
Matt with his 125 + lb TARPON boat side and released. NOTICE HOW MATT KEEPS A EYE ON THE TIP OF THE ROD AND KEEPS IT BENT THE WHOLE FIGHT. Matt Dad and Grad father on a Florida fishing vacation and charter fishing St.Pete beach Fl and we are proud to add this to our anglers video page.
9 Foot Hammer Head Shark
9 ft Nurse Shark Night Fishing Charter
More 40 pound Black Drum on the anglers video page.
8 Year old Tristain shows adults how to catch Grouper  with Capt Jay Masters on a St.Pete Fl Fishing charter 3/4 day trip. Boated over thirty fish and kept three keepers, 6 to 12 pounds.